Southwest Pediatrics A Division of Arbor Medical Partners

Currently Accepting New Patients

COVID 19 Testing

We are not doing testing in the office if you are concerned that you or your child might have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or are experiencing symptoms please call 1-844-549-1851 a Banner team member will screen you over the phone and schedule and appointment for you or your child to be tested. 


At Southwest Pediatrics We Provide A Broad Range Of Services Which Include:

  • Behavioral health management with emphasizes on ADHD, Depression and Anxiety
  • Circumcisions (up to 30 days old)
  • Hearing & Vision Screens
  • Immunizations
  • PFT Testing (Pulmonary Function Test)
  • Same Day Sick Appointments  
  • Wart Removal
  • Well Checks/Sports Physicals

Let's Make A Date To Vaccinate

At Arbor Medical Partners, your pediatricians care deeply about the health of your child, and the health of our community. Vaccines continue to be safe and effective way to protect everyone, from the tiniest, premature infant to the elderly grandparent.  As you’re partners in healthcare, we are launching a campaign to fully vaccinate all our patients by age 2 years. These early vaccines are considered essential to protect your young child from serious illnesses like meningitis (an infection of the fluid around the brain), whooping cough, and measles. Decades of research have shown that vaccines are safe when given according to the schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Council on Immunization Practices. Join us as we strive to reach this goal of immunizing all our patients by 2 years old!! 

Well Check & Immunization Schedule

  • Newborn Visit 3-5 Days After Discharged
  • 1 Month- Hepatitis B 
  • 2 Month- Pentacel, PCV13 & Rota
  • 4 Month-Pentacel, PCV13 & Rota 
  • 6 Month- Hepatiis B, Pentacel, PCV13 & Rota
  • 9 Month- Catch Up 
  • 12 Month- MMRV* & PCV13 
  • 15 Month- Hepatitis A & Pentacel 
  • 18 Month-Catch Up 
  • 24 Month- Hepatitis A 
  • 3 Year-Catch Up 
  • 4 Year- DTap, Polio & MMRV*
  • 11 Year- Tdap, Menactra & HPV 
  • 16 Year- Menactra & MemB 

It is important to have your child seen every year for a well check even in between the years listed. This is just when they will be getting vaccines. If you are unsure if your child is up to date on immunizations or well checks contact our office and we will be happy to assist. 

*MMRV (ProQuad) (MMR & Varicella Or Can Be Given Separately)

Patient Portal

This is a great way to communicate with our office staff and your physician. You can send messages to our staff or your provider this will help you get a quicker response. You can also view your child's medical records including their immunization record. You are also able to print these out. You are able to schedule appointments, make payments and self check in for appointments.